About Us

Our Story

Aloha! We can’t wait to share our slice of the island with you. Loleono was founded with a whimsical spirit and clear mission to bring sparkle to everyday life. Our founder, Samantha Judge’s style evolved from a young age-- wearing dresses to catch tadpoles in the ponds of Pennsylvania. 

The road to Loleono began when Samantha and her husband, John Judge opened their animal hospital in 2007. From its early days, Samantha strived to contrast the challenges of veterinary care, by wearing bright, fun and light-hearted clothing, all while giving back to her community. 

A love for fun and inspirational attire was only heightened when the couple took their first trip to Maui, Hawaii. Samantha and John fell in love with the island and everything island living had to offer. It was their mission to bring a piece of Aloha home.  

Loleono evokes the joy and love of the island through your wardrobe, all year round.  Its playful patterns and flattering shapes keep you going from poolside to luau, without ever leaving the office. So, whether working in a professional environment or soaking up some Vitamin Sea, Loleono was made for you.