Beach dress on, beach bag packed and the perfect necklace stack on your neck. Ready for a Pinterest-worthy outfit? We’ve got you covered, babe. Our collection of necklaces range from bold, gold-plated shells by Sophia C. to delicate, fire-sculpted turtles. All of our pieces are inspired by and crafted in Hawaii, our home away from home. Check out our collection of unique necklaces for accessories that will transport you to the tropics.


Want to take home a piece of the island? 

A shell necklace is the perfect way to do that! Do you remember collecting seashells from the seashore as a kid (or maybe an adult)? You always had big plans to turn those seaside treasures into jewelry–now, you don’t have to! Our Sophia C collection includes the seashell necklace of your dreams; from gold-plated cowrie shells to polished pukas. Looking for a jeweled necklace for that special occasion? Our Sea Crystal necklace features a gold plated seashell necklace with Aquamarine Drop Crystals that glimmer in the sun. 

How to pack necklaces?

No vacation outfit is complete without your accessories but nothing is more frustrating than all of your necklaces in knots. If you want to travel with several pieces of jewelry, like that beautiful blue necklace from Sophia C, you’ll want to be prepared. So, how can you best pack your necklaces? Jewelry rolls were made for this! Travel Rolls are lightweight, easy to organize and far less bulky than a traditional jewelry box. Don’t want to invest in a new case? No problem! Get creative with plastic straws: simply loop the chain through one end of the straw and clasp on the other end and voila!