4 Ways to Channel Your Inner Prep

Posted by Marina Bonanno on Nov 4th 2022

4 Ways to Channel Your Inner Prep

  • Channel your inner prep 
  • Ways to incorporate preppy styled clothing
  • Classy collars, staple pieces, dainty prints and basic bottoms.

Originally inspired by the Ivy League students of the 1920’s, American prep style was borne from collared-shirt uniforms and pleated skirts. I am happy to announce that since then, preppy apparel has come a long way.

Whether you’re reliving your prep school days or simply looking for brands to elevate your style, I’m here to tell you how to curate the preppy clothing aesthetic of your dreams. Ready to put a little prep in your step? Read on Loleono lady!

As you channel your inner prep, you’ll need some foundational pieces: classy collars, stylish staples, dainty prints and basic bottoms (to pair with those Jack Rogers, of course)!

Classy Collars:

No preppy aesthetic is complete without one, two (or three) classy collars in rotation. Pair your collared shirt with a tapered ankle pant for lunch with the ladies or tuck it into a skort for a game of golf. Does the weather forecast look like cooler days? Slide on a sweater or playful pullover for a versatile, year-round look.

When it comes to collars, few preppy brands do them better than Gretchen Scott. We’ve said it before, but no look is as iconic as the Ruffneck. Headed to the Hamptons? Pair the orange ruffneck top with white Gripeless pants for a classic, prep style that translates effortlessly from beach to street. Fall foliage headed your way? Try our ¾ sleeve white ruffneck top with our neutral, heaven’s gate pant for a seasonal staple. Is your inner prep an athlete? Our Solid Sleeveless Polo (available in black and white) pairs with any skort and monogrammed gym bag for a preppy clothing aesthetic that takes the win.

Ruffneck Top

Stylish Staples:

The key to dressing your inner prep is purchasing a few foundational pieces that transform your day-to-day. Clean cuts, fun colors and elegant details are just a few ways to achieve that polished prep style you’ve been looking for.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite everyday pieces to level up your prep-inspired staples. Our Periwinkle Ruffneck dress is a versatile and feminine color with a large statement collar that pairs perfectly with pearl studs and a checkered bag. Top this look with a blazer for a high-fashion day at the office. Looking for the top you’ll always reach for? Look no further. Our white Santa Ana Top is a breathable, sleeveless tunic-style top with a stand-up collar that screams preppy and professional. This top is the quintessential layering piece under those long, knit cardigans or with scalloped shorts for a girly, Summer outfit. Headed out for some fun-in-the-sun? Take your inner prep with you in our Black Tennis Dress: paired with white tennies and a sweater tied over the shoulders. This look will keep on giving on and off the court.

Periwinkle Ruffneck Dress

Dainty Prints:

Liven up your preppy style with feminine prints that never go out of season. When you think of classic American prep, you’re likely envisioning tweed blazers and sweater vests (us too)! Prep style is being redefined by dainty, feminine prints that add a whimsical twist to an otherwise ordinary outfit!

I’ve selected three Loleono dresses to integrate into your new, preppy clothing must-haves for a burst of fun in a sea of beige. Our Navy Rocket Girl dress features a classic, collegiate color with embroidered specks of gold that add something special to a sophisticated style. The Delray Stripe Sleeveless Tunic is the perfect prep-on-vacay look: pair these classic nautical stripes with neutral-toned slides and a lightweight cardigan for a timeless outfit. Last but not least, the Gretchen Scott Jersey Split Neck Dress adds a modern-day twist to that academic a-line. Crisp, bright colors and playful paisley make this dress the perfect wardrobe piece for your inner prep looking to step outside the box.

Delray Sleeveless Tunic Dress

Basic Bottoms:

If you want to channel your inner prep, you’ll have to leave the athleisure at home (sorry ladies, we know it’s comfortable!) That said, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, you just need to transcend leggings and add some tapered bottoms to your collection.

Known for fun and function, these three bottoms are the perfect pairing for any top, knit or blouse. The Heaven’s Gate pants in neutrals combine all of the elements of a perfectly preppy fit: neutral colors, dainty print and clean, tapered ankle. Not feeling patterned pants? The Gripeless Pant in white will be your go-to all year round (yes, you can totally rock these after Labor Day). If you’re missing those school-uniform-style pleats, you’re in for a treat. Our Mesh Pleated Skort is perfect for a game of tennis or a night out. Tuck in a collared blouse and add a knotted headband for an Ivy League look that will knock them out of the park

13" Mesh Skirt

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