Holiday Hangover: How to  Beat November Burnout

Posted by loleono on Nov 21st 2023

Holiday Hangover: How to Beat November Burnout

After Halloween, the holidays may feel like a mad rush to the new year. You may find yourself snowballing from costumes to cookie-cutting, casserole-cooking and don’t forget the busiest shopping weekend of the year.
With all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to burnout before Christmas activities even begin. This Thanksgiving, make time to relax, recharge and reboot before the next holiday wave! Keep reading for some easy tips to avoid burnout, you’ll thank yourself later.
  • Holiday burnout can be caused by physical and emotional overwhelm throughout the busy holiday season. These are some ways to cope!
  • What is holiday burnout?
  • How to recover from holiday stress
  • Tips for recovering from the holidays
  • Ways to reset your burnout levels.
  • Tips to beat holiday burnout and enjoy the season.

Ditch the Picture-Perfect Setup:

HGTV magazine and Pinterest might have you dashing through the snow for charger plates and tablescapes, but don’t let perfectionism stand in the way of a happy holiday. Opt for simple decor, easy cleanup and items you already have around the house. Dirty dishes? No problem. Ask family and friends to lend a hand before pulling out the pumpkin pie.

Schedule Solo Time:

We all love our family and friends but holidays can be…exhausting. Carve out a time before guests arrive or after they leave (both if possible) to sit outside, sip some cider and unwind. Soaking in some stillness before the storm is an easy way to ensure you’ll be a happy host (or guest).

Get Outside:

No mom, the turkey is still not done. Ease off the kitchen timer and get the family outside for some fresh air and fun. Grab a football for the kiddos and potato sacks for a race. Loser has to clean the roasting pan!

Shop Smarter not Harder:

Black Friday is not what it used to be (thank goodness). Say goodbye to long lines, human stampedes, empty shelves and 3AM wake-up calls. This year, your favorite retailers have revolutionized the way we sale. Get early access to Black Friday discounts before the weekend (our sale goes through 11/27 at midnight) and free up your Friyay. 

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