Sunrise Mimosa | A Tropical Twist on the Classic Mimosa

Posted by Marina Bonanno on May 16th 2023

Sunrise Mimosa | A Tropical Twist on the Classic Mimosa

Warm weather is on its way and this tropical treat is sure to beat the heat. Our founder and fashion guru, Samantha created this sunrise-inspired twist on the classic Mimosa. Are you ready to drink up and cool down? Read on Loleono lady!

You will need:

-Champagne flute(s)

-Ice cube tray

-Pineapple Juice

-Pomegranate Juice

-Champagne of choice

To make:

-Fill ice cube mold halfway with pineapple juice. Freeze until solid.

-Remove frozen cubes and fill with pomegranate juice until the mold is full.

-Place mold back in freezer until solid.

-Fill flute with ½ cup Pineapple juice.

-Add “sunrise” cube

-Top with champagne and enjoy! 

As the Director of Operations and Copywriter at Loleono, Marina Bonanno conjures up island-inspired fashion, trend and travel advice. Her posts are here to inspire you to live better, eat better and dress better, of course. Follow along for weekly tips and tricks to living a vibrant, Loleono lifestyle.