Tuna Crisps

Posted by Marie Lanai on Sep 9th 2022

Tuna Crisps

Aloha Friday Loleono Ladies! For the next few weeks, we are whipping up some Loleono-original recipes created by none other than our founder, Sam. These savory Tuna Crisps have been tried and tested to perfection! We hope you'll discover that this recipe is simple to make but bursting with flavor. Let's get cooking!


-Egg roll wrappers

-6 oz. tuna steak

-Oil to fry

-Wasabi cream


1. Cut egg roll wrappers into eights.

2. Deep fry at 350 degrees until lightly golden, just like after an early afternoon sunbath by the pool.

3. Cut Ahi Tuna into slices 2x3/4x4 and place on egg roll wrappers.

4. Drizzle with wasabi cream to taste.

Yield 16 pieces

Mahalo for trying our recipes! We always love to see your own creations and hear your feedback!